Tern har producerat ett antal prisbelönta och unika elcyklar. Såhär beskriver de sig själva.

At Tern, we’re working to build a sustainable future based on a core belief that the bicycle—the ultimate high-efficiency vehicle—is central to that vision. Every action we take can be traced to this single, simple foundation.

Protecting Our Planet

A commitment to sustainability is central to who we are. We design our bikes to be serviceable rather than land-fillable. And we are constantly searching for ways to reduce our impact, like minimizing packaging, specifying recycled cardboard, and reducing use of harmful chemicals like chromium.

Award-Winning Products

One of our favorite mottos: Aim high, then aim higher. We design products with an eye towards function and long-lasting durability. But we don’t mind that they also get recognition from top international design & innovation awards.

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