CUBE Stereo Hybrid 140 Pro, 18, Black/Grey

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Heldämpat för hela berget

Heldämpad all mountainbike med den starka Boschmotorn performance CX och 500 Wh batteri. Cykeln har det nya Boschbatteriet som är helt integrerat i ramen. Med dämpning både fram & bak och kraftigare däck tar du dig fram var som helst men fortsatt bekvämt.


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Heldämpad eMTB CUBE mountainbike för all terräng.

Every once in a while a bike comes along that changes everything. We didn’t realise it at the time, but our Stereo Hybrid 140 Pro has turned out to be one of those game-changing bikes – and we’ve completely redesigned it for 2018. By combining great handling and the kind of trail manners you’d expect from a regular 140mm bike with the power and flexibility of Bosch’s drive system, more and more riders are discovering the answer to the question, ”why e-MTB?”. With a newly integrated battery and motor unit, better handling and revised kinematics, the Stereo Hybrid 140 Pro’s 11 speed Shimano transmission and smooth, easily adjustable Suntour suspension components are the icing on the electric cake. Try a slice – you’ll like it, we promise.

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