Ramlås ABUS 5955 Pro Shield X-Plus med kedja/väska

The frame lock PRO SHIELD XPLUS™ 5955 offers all the conveniences that come with a frame lock.


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With the frame lock, in addition to our XPlus key system with equal locking,
you also get other advantages to protect your bike against theft.
The 8.5 mm thick locking bar made of hardened steel provides good basic protection at a medium risk of theft.
In addition, the bicycle lock has an additional locking mechanism. 
It is easy to connect additional accessories to this, e.g. ABUS frame lock chain 6KS/85 or 6KS/100. 
With the code card, you can have other locks manufactured that receive the same key as the frame lock PRO SHIELD XPLUS™ 5955.
The advantage is that you only need one key for all locks.

Decide for yourself whether you want the NR or R version of the lock. With frame locks that have an R in the product name, it is not possible to extract the key when the lock is open. 
It sits in place and you don’t have to pack it away when you ride your bike.
 Those who prefer to pull out the key can choose the NR version.

  • Frame locks are a simple and quick way to protect bicycles against unauthorized use
  • We recommend also using an additional lock, especially to lock the bike to a fixed object


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