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Endast 1 kvar i lager


The Birdy: a Swiss pocket knife that you can mount and ride away on. Tucked away, it might not fit in every trouser pocket perhaps, but it certainly will fit in any car boot and any form of public transport. And when it’s needed, it simply opens out.

Be it on holiday or for day-to-day working. It doesn’t take much longer to open up than a pocket knife either. Its cleverly thought-out frame without hinge joint in the main frame and the adapted ratio range deliver a riding experience just like any normal bike. The full suspension surpasses even its riding safety and comfort. Regular bikes had better watch out.

Carrier / Lowrider (incl)
This is where we’re particularly proud of the Birdy. The included luggage carrier is designed so that it collapses downwards when the bike is folded. Extended, fitting a pannier is child’s play. In combination with the lowrider, the panniers can also be secured to the front wheel fork. And collapsed, the lowrider becomes the pull handle for the Birdy.

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