Riese&Müller, Roadster Mixte Vario

The Roadster Mixte was made to tackle fast-paced city life. Thanks to the slightly lowered top tube, you can swing elegantly onto your bike and ride past everyone effortlessly with a battery capacity of up to 625 Wh. Its optimum weight distribution also makes it extremely agile and safe to handle. Because of this sportiness, the Roadster Mixte the ideal urban bike.



Vid beställning av en cykel direkt från fabrik kan denna skickas direkt till dig vart som helst i Sverige, helt färdigmonterad.

Produkt: 44.990kr
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Sporty design

Its slim frame design gives the Roadster Mixte its sporty character: the frame’s sleek design is reminiscent of conventional bikes. It meets the highest standards of outstanding German engineering: 

  • The Bosch Performance Line CX motor, boasting 85 Nm and…
  • The integrated battery with 625 Wh are installed in a balanced position for top agility and riding enjoyment.
  • The integrated cabling accentuates the linear appearance.

Safe on the road

The powerful headlamp with daytime running light ensures better visibility in road traffic. When you’re on the go in the dark, nothing comes between you and your sporty ride, thanks to even illumination of your way and your surroundings. Also, the Magura disc brakes ensure reliable braking even during sporty rides.

Smart displays

You can equip the control centre of the Roadster Mixte to meet your needs: the standard Bosch Purion display is inconspicuously attached to the handlebar and provides the most important data and functions.

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Ytterligare information

Vikt 21,5 kg



S/45, M/53


Crystal White, Salvia Matt

Batterikapacitet (Wh)







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