Urban Arrow, Family Anniversary

I vår kommer en limited edition av denna ikoniska familjecykel. I Amsterdam finns minst en i varje kvarter. Ta chansen och skaffa dig denna unika version.


Kan restnoteras

Kan restnoteras


Drive Change: A Decade Of Cargo Bikes

In the past decade Urban Arrow has advanced electric cargo bikes from a Dutch niche to a serious player in the European market. The very first Urban Arrow, the ’Family’ has become an icon. The latest model, developed for this 10 year anniversary, embodies the stunning success of what has grown to become an entire cargo bike fleet for individuals and businesses.

Urban Arrow Family Anniversary

At first glance, the Urban Arrow Family, specially developed for its tenth anniversary, seems identical to the very first model. It’s especially the rough brushed aluminium colour that gives this impression. But the Family has undergone multiple design iterations in its ten year lifespan and is now better crafted than ever before. What once started as a niche product for the Dutch bicycle market has, ten years later, grown into an icon and a frontrunner in the international urban mobility revolution.

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Brushed Aluminium

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